Affordable Healthcare

I believe in the basic human right to affordable healthcare regardless of age, race, sex, religion, or socioeconomic status. Through equitable and efficient legislation, we can provide this basic need to all Texans.  Furthermore, I would like to expand Autism and Special Needs Resources for parents of affected children. There are not near enough programs or resources available to ASD parents to provide treatment and therapy for their children with special needs. 1 in 68 Children are on the spectrum and we need to do everything in our power to support them and their families. Expanding Medicaid and these resources will help these children learn proper coping mechanisms, practices, and learn new skills as they continue to grow and actually have a chance to succeed as adults.


As a father, education is a particularly important issue to me. With the implementation of certain measures including Cannabis legalization, we can continue to provide and expand upon our high standard of education while striving to lower taxes for homeowners and businesses. I plan to impose a 10% cost-of-living wage increase for all public school personnel over the next four years. In addition, I believe we need to analyze where we have trouble with teacher/student ratios and embed qualified teacher’s aides to those classrooms so that teachers actually have time to spend with their own families. I am also a strong opponent of the voucher system that this legislature has passed in darkness. HD 132 has 88 Title 1 schools. These are schools that need extra governmental aid due to the low economic status of its students. 88! This is unacceptable and has all happened under Greg Abbott’s watch. Now we are under the threat of school vouchers, which will inevitably take  precious funds need for our public school system in general.  I have absolutely no issues with private schools, as long as they remain private and don’t ask the good people of Texas to foot the bill.

2nd Amendment

I fully support the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. While gun violence is a major concern, I realize that people are the ones pulling the trigger and responsible gun owners should not have to pay the price for the actions of criminals and murderers. While policies that enforce restrictions on gun purchases help, I understand that criminals will get guns regardless of safeguards that may be put in place by governments. It is my belief that harsher penalties for gun violence will do more to limit gun violence in our state and will work to pursue such legislation while protecting our right to bear arms. Permitless Open-Carry laws however are a recipe for disaster.

Cannabis Legalization

Throughout the years, I’ve come to realize that Cannabis’ medical benefits far outweigh the dangers. Cannabis should be legalized for all Texans and be removed as a Schedule 1 drug. Cannabis use and possession should be governed in a similar fashion to alcohol and non-violent offenders for possession should be released from custody. As we’ve seen with Colorado and other states who have overturned Cannabis prohibition, we have a unique opportunity to fund healthcare, education, and social initiatives with the licensing and taxation of Cannabis products without any detrimental effect on our society.

Texas Justice System

As a strong supporter of police, I see issues in the justice system that need to be addressed. We need to enact fair and equitable measures to ensure that all people are given a fair trial, equal rights, and fair treatment within the judicial process. We should abolish the unfair practice of cash bonding and reassess the arrest and detainment of citizens for certain crimes. I believe that minorities and lower-income individuals are disproportionately arrested and convicted without proper cause and/or competent representation. I think it is important that we also take a look at for-profit prisons and work towards putting them under the jurisdiction of the state rather than corporations who are profiting off of longer sentences with taxpayer money. While many fellow Democrats are ready to strike police budgets. I propose a new tactic: RE-fund the police and hold them accountable. There are several police officers who perform their duties with honor and integrity. They should not be punished for performing life-saving services for our communities. With “Re-Fund the Police” more funding would go into racial sensitivity training, bodycams, and new training focused on identifying the possibility and threat that comes with encounters involving citizens with mental illnesses. I would like to see a non-partisan council created to help analyze and determine possible consequences for officers who accidentally or intentionally harm citizens not in accordance with the program. Our law enforcement are our public heroes and the work that they do must be respected, but too many catastrophic events have occurred from a lack of proper training and resources.

Term Limits

I fully support term limits for state and federal elected positions. Career politicians hinder our ability for progress and become increasingly vulnerable to corruption, fraud, and corporate sponsorship. I support a 12 year term limit per elected position for all elected officials in Texas. 



I am a strong ALLY. Humans are humans, regardless of gender, race, sexual preference, or socioeconomic status. I think it is demeaning and dangerous to begin legislating to the state what they can or cannot do with their bodies. We must stop punishing Texans who may not live the same  lifestyles as the average citizen. It is not OUR right and should be discussed and handled within the family unit. For our LGBTQIA constituents who do not have the support of their families, we should be offering medical and mental health support to assist them in tough times and through tough choices.


I’ve had the opportunity to speak with and get to know many homeless Texans. There  are many different levels of homelessness, but one of the main causes that I hear when speaking with them is lack of access to mental healthcare which leads to substance abuse and eventually homelessness. Many of these individuals support building small communities  with studio-style housing and strict no drug/crime policies as a step towards finding employment and eventually their own home. One thing that we cannot do is keep putting up spikes and fences, making it nearly impossible to live as a homeless  Texan. There are many organizations working hard to keep them fed and clean, but we’ve got to do more.